Computational Modeling Simulation

At DTC, we provide cost effective, advanced systems solutions through the application of software and tools to simulate operations, solving customer problems ranging from high power microwave and laser propagation simulations to execution and analysis of campaign level simulations utilizing software from the Air Force Standard Analysis Toolkit (AFSAT).

Modeling and Simulation

We provide computational modeling and simulation services which are used throughout the entire product life cycle. DTC works hand in hand with our customers to ensure each step of the product life cycle yields the high standards they demand, while delivering the expert results they deserve. Modeling and Simulation services include:
  • Concept Development
  • Experimentation and Prototyping
  • Analysis
  • Analysis (After Action Review)
  • Virtual Training
  • Live Virtual Constructive Integration
  • Tactical / Command Staff Training
  • Mission Rehearsal
Let DTC help you build a simulation system of any scale in any tier of the M&S hierarchy. We can offer comprehensive simulation services across the following professional areas:
  • Physics and Engineering — Particle interaction and physical phenomena to understand subsystem effects. This category includes: Hydro-codes, particle-in-cell, and wave optics models.
  • Engagement / One-on-One — Integrated system level performance incorporating physics level understanding of subsystem performance.
  • Mission / Few-on-Few — Conceptual, existing, or augmented system effectiveness in support of cost trade-offs, analysis of alternatives and mission planning.
  • Campaign / Force-on-Force — Operational campaign or force effectiveness and/or combat utility in a combined effects environment.