Systems Engineering

DTC systems engineers support Department of Defense research activities with both advisory and assistance service (A&AS) and systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA) support. Our A&AS services include concept development, configuration management, and program management support. Our SETA support includes requirements solicitation and definition, modeling and simulation, bread board and brass board design, platform integration, and test and evaluation services. We have experience supporting numerous platforms and systems including the Air Borne Laser, CHAMP, MDOS, Mojave, Mobile Acquisition and Tracking System, Pacific Sail, Active Denial, ANGELS and EAGLE.

We have expertise in the following areas:
  • Requirements Management
  • System Performance
  • Software and Hardware controls and algorithms
  • Modeling and simulation (physics through campaign level)
  • Configuration Control and Management
  • MIL-STD compliance
We have R&D experience in the following technology areas:
  • Laser applications and technology development (Fiber, Slab, and Chemical)
  • Fixed and Mobile Telescopes and Gimbals
  • Developmental and Operational Test and Evaluation (Ground, airborne, and space based)
  • Imaging Systems (Visible and IR)
  • Low Observable platforms
  • Directed Energy Systems